Vision & Mission


To be a leading international Academic Healthcare Institution through the integration of quality health professions education, research, healthcare and social accountability for sustainable community development


To pursue excellence through integration of health professions education, translational research, quality healthcare, innovation and social accountability enhanced by national, international partnerships and community engagement

Our Mandate

  • Provide authentic educational opportunities for all categories of health professional students in the context of sustainable development, preparing them to successfully pursue postgraduate training and continuous professional development.
  • Develop leaders in health care services who can respond to the country, region and global fast-growing healthcare needs.
  • Advance scientific knowledge through research and discoveries in the fields of biomedical sciences, population health and healthcare systems and Medical Education.
  • Improve primary to tertiary health care in UAE and GCC region through its ‘Academic Healthcare System, Hospitals, Clinics and Centers of Excellence’.
  • Emphasize GMU social responsiveness and community engagement by providing affordable and sustainable quality healthcare for different sectors of the community and promoting a healthy lifestyle.