Office of the Vice Chancellor Quality & Global Engagement

We are living in a time when the number of higher education institutions in the UAE and around the world has witnessed a great deal of expansion.

At Gulf Medical University (GMU), we decided to differentiate ourselves by putting special emphasis on the quality of our academic programs and the overall quality of the educational experience we provide. Our pursuit of quality starts with the quality of the faculty we recruit and the students we accept. We believe that quality is a never ending process and a journey where the destination keeps moving.

Quality goes hand in hand with accreditation. GMU and all of its academic programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education. Many of our programs are also accredited by international accrediting bodies and organizations. We engage in partnerships with universities around the globe in the USA, Europe and anywhere, where quality is at its best. Our global partnerships include joint degree programs, dual degree programs, student exchange and Summer research internships. Through our global engagement with top institutions we rub shoulders with our international peers and engage in best practices in health professions education and provide our students with the highest level of international standards in all of our academic programs.

Please take the time to visit our website and feel free to email us with your questions, thoughts and suggestions.

Prof. Sherief Khalifa
Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement
Dean, College of Pharmacy