Center for Health Professions Education and Research (CHPER)

The mission of the Center for Health Professions Education and Research” (CHPER) is to advance the quality of healthcare by optimizing the experience and process of healthcare communication through three major activities: education, publications, and partnerships.

The division stresses the concept that effective healthcare communication is a necessity, not an option. We create and disseminate innovative educational programs and services. We also engage in collaborative scientific activities, and we partner with other leading organizations that share our vision.

The Division has entered into a tie-up with many international, regional and local institutions, government bodies and agencies to hold collaborative events.

Ministry of Health – UAE, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Medical Association, American Heart Association, Sheikh Hamdan Awards for Medical Sciences, Mayo Clinic-USA, Johns Hopkins-USA, Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre, National Healthcare Group, Singapore, Methodist International, USA, University of Hertfordshire, UK, KPJ Healthcare Group, Malaysia, Saudi German Hospitals Group, KSA, Arabian Gulf Medical University, Bahrain, International Hospital Federation, France, Asian Hospital Federation, Malaysia.